FedEx Tattoo Policy in 2023 (Can You Have Visible Tattoos?)

As things stand, individuals are increasingly purchasing goods online rather than visiting physical stores due to the expanding e-consumption. Consequently, one of the most crucial vocations in today’s society is that of a delivery guy.

If you have one tattoo or dozens of them, and you’re thinking of working for FedEx, perhaps the largest delivery service in the world, you might want to find out how they feel about the subject.

Now let’s examine the most recent FedEx tattoo policy to ensure you proceed with prudence while submitting an application for employment with them (their last policy change is from 2020).

Highlights of the latest Fedex tattoo policy

FedEx Tattoo Policy – All You Need to Know

Many industrial sectors have recently changed their regulations in response to the increase in the acceptability of tattooed bodies in society, and gladly, FedEx is no exception.

Having said that, not very long ago, the company’s tattoo policies were among the strictest in the industry and prevented many applicants from getting hired.

FedEx deliverymen were absolutely prohibited from having any visible tattoos until the revisions that took place in 2020. The only situation where this rule didn’t apply was if the tattoo was always totally concealed by a long-sleeved uniform.

If you’ve been thinking about launching your new career step at FedEx, you’ll be relieved to learn that standards are less strict now, but there are still some regulations you should be aware of before applying for a job.

As things stand, you are permitted to apply for a position at FedEx (driver or any other vacancy) after the restructuring in 2020 even if you have visible tattoos as long as they are not on your hands, head, neck, or face.

We can say that this policy is finally in line with the policies of other courier companies. Another courier that has recently changed its strict stance on body art is UPS. So, if you’re looking for a job in this field and you have some tattoos, don’t worry – you can still apply!

Tattoos in the “Right” Areas Need to be Right!

It’s important to remember that even if your tattoos are on a permitted body area, scoring that job is far from a given.

Your ink needs to be appropriate and not offensive if you want to land a job at FedEx (or most companies for that matter). For instance, tattoos that are perceived to be racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminating will be rejected outright.

The same holds true for any tattoos that may be mistaken for gang-related ink. You cannot work at FedEx if you have any tattoos that feature gang-related symbols or slogans. A political tattoo is another design that is strongly discouraged. Therefore, it is important to cover up any political tattoos you may have while at your FedEx employment interview.

No matter where the tattoo is, you probably won’t receive the job if the recruiting manager believes it will reflect poorly on the business.

Exceptions Possible

There are possible exceptions to the regulation, but, in general, FedEx won’t hire you if you have a tattoo that is clearly visible in one of the restricted zones 90% of the time.

It’s possible that the hiring manager will ignore a tattoo if it’s especially minor or unimportant. Additionally, if your tattoo is very little and can be concealed by makeup or a bandage, such as on your hand, you might be able to get away with it.

Once more, it will all depend on the recruiting manager’s judgment and their attitude toward your body art in general and visible tattoos in particular.

Final Word

We hope you’ve learned enough about the FedEx tattoo policy at this point to decide whether or not you want to submit an application for employment with them.

Even though they have some of the strictest policies when it comes to obvious tattoos, they’re still a great place to work. Apply if you are certain that your body art won’t prevent you from getting the job you desire with FedEx.

The majority of the time, if your tattoo is visible in one of the restricted regions, you won’t get employed. The same goes for tattoos deemed offensive in any way or even controversial.

There are some potential exceptions to this rule, but it will ultimately come down to the discretion of the hiring manager.

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