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US Tattoo Rules

This section of our website covers all the current tattoo laws in the United States – state by state. We look both at the minimum age requirements and possible penalties across all states. It also features all the policies for US-based organizations.

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Worldwide Rules

In this section, we look at tattoo laws & regulations for particular countries around the globe. The goal of this section is to cover all 195 countries worldwide.

Military Laws

Dedicated to all who want to enlist in one of the US branches of the military. Tattoo policies in the US military change often and we have all the up-to-date information. The latest updates related to Coast GuardsMarine Corps, and Air Force.

Front-Line Workers

If you’re interested in joining the ranks of front-line workers, this section is for you. We are covering anything from the latest police laws to regulations for paramedics.

Other Professions

Whatever are your career plans, we’ve got you covered. From unique professions such as flight attendants & pilots to more common gigs of teachers and lawyers, this section delivers all the information regarding the latest norms and/or tattoo policies across different industries.

Laws by Workplaces

Last but not least, this part of our website covers all the laws & policies for individual workplaces (company by company). Preparing for an interview?