Target Tattoo Policy in 2023 (Can You Have Visible Ink?)

All sorts of organizations and employees must adjust their policies to a new hiring reality because up to 30% of adult residents of the US have at least one tattoo.

What was once considered unprofessional or rebellious could now be seen as trendy and individualistic. Many experts say that the number of people with tattoos will only continue to grow, so it’s important for companies to consider how they will accommodate this new trend.

The fact that people with tattoos are now employed in a variety of settings, from office positions to construction sites, doesn’t imply that every business is thrilled about it. We’re still some way off from seeing widespread acceptance of body art in the workplace.

So, which side does one of the biggest retail chains in the US, Target, take?

If you’ve been considering the retail mogul as the next step in your career, stick with us for the next couple of minutes as we dive into the latest Target tattoo laws.

Target Tattoo Policy – What You Need to Know

When it comes to its stance on tattoos, Target is quite a unique company.

That’s because they have more restrictions on the dress code than they do on the amount or type of ink that an employee can have on their body! If you didn’t know, working at Target you will be wearing a red t-shirt at all times and you will have an amazing choice of khaki pants or blue jeans to go with it!

Luckily, the company is all for employees expressing themselves through their tattoo art. The tattoo policy at Target clearly states that employees are allowed to have tattoos anywhere on their body – from head to toe (literally). That’s naturally the case as long as the tattoos are not offensive or discriminatory in any way (eg. sexist, racist or homophobic).

The tattoo culture at Target is very relaxed and that’s clearly visible amongst its employees. A large chunk of people hired at Target nowadays sport ink and the company is more than okay with that – and so are the customers. This is confirmed by many people who have experience working at Target.

Target is one of many retail chains that have a very welcoming attitude towards body art in the workplace. Another great example of such a chain is Walmart.

Final Word

The takeaway from all of this is that, if you’re looking to get a job at Target, don’t worry about your tattoos!

The company has a very relaxed policy when it comes to ink and they’re more than okay with employees expressing themselves through body art – let it be with small ankle tattoos, full sleeves, or even face tattoos! Just make sure that your ink is not offensive in any way and you’ll be all set!