Delta Airlines Tattoo Policy for 2023 (Flight Attendants & Pilots)

It’s no wonder many people find the job of a flight attendant (or a pilot) so appealing as it comes with such a long list of perks.

After scoring that dream job, you get the opportunity to travel to amazing places, meet interesting people from all walks of life, and get paid for it!

And while we’re slowly moving out of the dark ages in which people with tattoos were discriminated against in hunting for a new job, there’s still one profession where having body art can be a bit of an issue – aviation.

So, if you’re thinking of joining the mile-high club and becoming a flight attendant or a pilot, you might want to think twice before inking that new tattoo.

While some airlines are more lenient than others when it comes to their tattoo policy, most of them still have rules in place that restrict visible tattoos.

Is that the case with Delta Airlines?

If you’ve been thinking about applying for the gig, stay with us for a couple of minutes as we dive into the latest Delta’s tattoo policy for flight attendants and pilots alike.

Delta Airlines Tattoo Policy & Rules

So at this point, you must be wondering: can you have tattoos and work for Delta Airlines?

Unfortunately, Delta’s stance on ink is still one of the strictest ones in the aviation industry.

Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Tattoo Policy

As of now, the carrier completely prohibits any visible tattoos for the cabin crew. Most airlines with such strict policies explain this decision by the need to present a polished and professional image to the passengers.

According to their statement, “the uniformity of appearance amongst our flight attendants is an important part of the Delta brand.”

As you can imagine, not everyone agrees with this policy.

Tattoos that are particularly problematic for Delta (and many other airlines) are those on the neck, face, lower arms, and hands.

As far as tattoos in places that are easily covered by the uniform go, it’s generally at the airline’s discretion.

So, if you have tattoos on your back, upper legs, or stomach, you might still have a chance of becoming a Delta flight attendant – as long as they can be covered while you’re in uniform.

Delta Airlines Pilot Tattoo Policy

Not just the cabin crew must cover their tattoos, but everyone else as well.

Almost no major commercial airlines let their pilots have any tattoos visible while in uniform, said the ATP (Airline Transport License) Flight School, the biggest private flight school in the nation. Unfortunately, Delta isn’t an exception to this norm.

The airline doesn’t outright forbid pilots from having tattoos, but they must be hidden while in uniform.

And that’s not always an easy feat, considering most pilot uniforms consist of short-sleeved shirts.

So, if you’re planning on becoming a Delta pilot and have visible tattoos, your only hope is to get them removed or covered with makeup or clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the matter of Delta’s tattoo policy is now clear to you.

But just in case you still have some unanswered questions, we’ve prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions about the topic.

  • What Airlines Let You Have Tattoos?

The truth is, Delta’s strict stance on tattoos isn’t unfortunately that unique. Most airlines also expect you to be able to cover all your ink with the uniform. An example of a similar approach is Frontier Airlines.

However, there are some carriers with more lenient policies.

So, what airlines allow flight attendants to have tattoos that are visible?

Both Alaska Airlines and United Airlines in the US and Air Canada in CA allow for small, discreet tattoos to be visible. They shouldn’t exceed the size of the uniform’s badge, however.

SkyWest is another major airline that allows for not-too-big tattoos. However, the airline doesn’t specify the exact dimensions and evaluates applicants on a case-by-case basis.

  • What If I Have a Tattoo That Can’t Be Covered?

If you’re planning on becoming a flight attendant or a pilot and have a tattoo that can’t be covered by the uniform, your only chance is to get it removed.

  • What Is a Zero Tolerance Tattoo Policy?

A zero-tolerance tattoo policy is one that doesn’t allow for any tattoos at all, regardless of their size or location or whether they can be covered with a uniform.

Luckily, there are not many airlines that have this policy nowadays, with Qatar Airways one of the very few examples.