Skywest Tattoo Policy in 2023 (Flight Attendants & Pilots)

There are still some professions in which having visible tattoos might be a bit of a stumbling block.

When discussing those, the aviation sector immediately comes to mind.

And while it’s true that the majority of big US-based airlines have a very strict policy regarding people with visible ink, there are some that allow the inked community a fair opportunity of landing a job (pun intended!).

You might want to stick with us over the next few minutes as we discuss the most recent SkyWest tattoo policy which, as things stand, is one of the most lenient around.

So, are tattoos permitted at SkyWest?

Skywest tattoo policy highlights

SkyWest Tattoo Policy – All You Need to Know

Skywest is one of only a few airlines that show signs of improvement in a sector that still openly discriminates against people with tattoos.

The most recent update to the policy now allows SkyWest’s flight attendants and pilots to display small-to-medium-sized tattoos in visible areas.

While other airlines seem to specify the exact dimension of permitted tattoos, this isn’t the case with Skywest. The airline evaluates the ink on a case-by-case basis.

Naturally, the tattoos that are legal and visible must be attractive and not offensive. Additionally, they cannot be on your face.

Another thing that speaks in favor of Skywest is that tattoos deemed too big or not of the right type can be concealed with the use of makeup. As of now, band-aids are not allowed.

It’s also worth mentioning that the airline has no restrictions on the number of tattoos that may be displayed beneath the uniform.

All of the above means that Skywest’s tattoo regulations are currently the most lenient among all US airlines.

SkyWest vs Other US Carriers

SkyWest is currently one of the very few US-based airlines with a more tolerant policy about tattoos.

Most of its competitors have outright bans on visible ink among its staff. The “shame list” includes airlines such as Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and Republic Airways.

Skywest's flight attendant
Skywest’s flight attendant

Alaska Airlines and United Airlines are the only other two major US airlines that do not firmly prohibit tattoos. According to the so-called “badge rule,” these two permit modest, tasteful tattoos that don’t exceed the size of the uniform badge.

There are a few foreign airlines that have relaxed their tattoo policy outside of the US as well.

UK-based Virgin Atlantic and New Zealand’s Air NZ have both relaxed the restrictions and permitted even very huge tattoos on exposed skin, making them the most tattoo-friendly airlines globally.

Why do Airlines Still Dislike Tattoos Among Staff?

We probably still have a long way to go before all airlines apply a more relaxed policy about tattoos such as that of SkyWest.

There are a few reasons for this, albeit mostly unjustified and irrational.

The main reason that many airlines still don’t allow their staff members to display tattoos is that they’re afraid it will turn away passengers.

This is especially true for those customers who come from cultures where having tattoos still carries a strong stigma.

However, this way of thinking is somewhat flawed since it’s based on the assumption that most people are bothered by the sight of ink on someone else’s body which, let’s be honest, is far from true in today’s world.

Nevertheless, it looks like the global stance is beginning to change, albeit very slowly. Let’s hope that in a few years’ time, we won’t even have to write an article like this one as it will become completely irrelevant.