Minnesota Tattoo Laws in 2023 (Age, Fines & More)

Minnesota is an amazing state both to live in and to visit. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul are bustling metropolises with a lot to offer, while the rest of the state is home to beautiful forests, lakes, and rivers.

Whether you’re looking for an urban adventure or a rural escape, Minnesota has something for everyone.

The state is also known to be a hotspot of extremely talented tattoo artists and affordable tattoo parlors.

However, like all states in the US (bar Maryland), the tattoo industry is regulated.

If you’re planning on getting a tattoo while in the state, there are a few things you should know about its tattoo restrictions.

Stick with us for a couple of minutes as we dive into the latest tattoo laws in Minnesota – just to make sure you’re on the right side of the law.

Minnesota Tattoo Laws & Regulations

Minnesota isn’t any different from other regions of the US in the sense that it has separate regulations in place for customers and artists.

Let’s take a look at both now.

Laws for Customers

In most cases, the tattoo regulations for clients relate to the minimum age requirement.

That’s also the case with Minnesota.

In this sense, the state is one of the strictest in the country.

So, is it illegal to get a tattoo under 18 in Minnesota? Yes, it is.

The state is one of few across the US that completely proscribes any form of tattooing for anyone under the age of 18. While most states allow minors to get inked with written parental consent and/or the presence of the parent (eg. Colorado, Connecticut, or Delaware), this isn’t the case in Minnesota.

The only exception to the rule is if the tattoo is being performed for medical purposes and is carried out by a licensed doctor.

If you’re still under the age of 18 but desperate to get a tattoo, you can travel to North or South Dakota to get it done – but your parent will have to be present during the procedure.

When it comes to tattoo placement, Minnesota gives you a free pass. There are no laws in place that dictate where you can and cannot get a tattoo, so feel free to ink up any part of your body that you please.

Laws for Artists

What’s worth noting, it is the artist’s duty to make sure the person he’s tattooing is of legal age.

If an artist inks someone who’s under 18, he can be fined and even lose his license.

So, while the customer won’t face any consequences for getting a tattoo under 18 in Minnesota, it’s certainly illegal for the artist to do it.

What’s more, the artist as well as the studio he’s working in must have a valid license from the state, issued by a commissioner. Tattooing from a home-based studio or without a license altogether is strictly forbidden and can result in a number of penalties.

Additionally, all studios must follow certain sanitary regulations to ensure the safety of their clients.

This includes, but is not limited to, using new needles for each client, sterilizing all equipment, and having a sink available for customers to wash their hands before the procedure.

Of course, the artist also has some rights.

For instance, he can refuse to tattoo anyone who’s under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What’s more, he can also say no to a customer if he feels the tattoo design is inappropriate for a variety of reasons (eg. it’s racist or sexist).


So, if you’re planning on getting inked while in the state, make sure you’re of legal age and that the artist you choose is licensed and operates from a studio that adheres to all sanitary regulations.

Other than that, feel free to get creative with your tattoo design – Minnesota has no say in that!

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