Forever 21 Tattoo Policy in 2023 (Are Visible Tattoos OK?)

Forever 21 is at the top of the heap when it comes to the fast fashion retail sector. Having been established in 1984, it ranks among the biggest fashion shops not just in the United States but also internationally.

If you’re considering joining their ranks and you’re going to get tattooed or already have a ton of tattoos, get acquainted with the most recent Forever 21 tattoo policy in order to avoid future issues.

This article explains everything you need to know about the tattoo policy at Forever 21, from their stance on visible tattoos to their expectations for employees with tattoos.

Forever 21 tattoo policy takeaways

Forever 21 Tattoo Policy – All You Need to Know

The opinion of inked people continues to change as the world changes. The days when only prisoners, bikers, and sailors had tattoos are long gone.

Thankfully, they are now more widely accepted and seen as a means of self-expression. In fact, recent research found that 36% of US individuals between the ages of 18 and 29 had at least one tattoo, and frequently many more.

Many big (and small) businesses have had to change their rules to account for this new trend, whether they like it or not.

This also applies to Forever 21.

Currently, the fashion mogul has one of the more tolerant policies on tattoos in the whole apparel industry (who itself is generally relaxed about the whole thing).

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any regulations at all.

All Areas Are Fine

In short, Forever 21 has no issues with its employees getting tattoos. This implies that regardless of whether you have 99% of your body covered with tattoos or only one with the name of your BFF, you have a chance of landing that job.

There are a few restrictions, though.

Some Tattoos Not Welcome

To begin with, any tattoos that are on display must be tasteful and not objectionable. Tattoos having racial, ethnic, sexual, or profane overtones might be categorized as belonging to the latter category.

Additionally, although the company’s official position is that tattoos are acceptable on all parts of the body and in all sizes, individual shop managers have the ultimate say. Therefore, it is essential to be upfront about any obvious tattoos you may have while applying for a job at Forever 21.

This can be especially crucial for tattoos on the hands, neck, and other more “visually-sensitive” locations. Officially, they are permitted, but the manager has the final word on whether or not they will cause a problem.

Many employees at Forever 21 claim that, regardless of the location of their tattoos, they have never experienced any problems. They appear to be mostly welcomed by the organization as a whole.

Obviously, there’s always a chance that this policy may change in the future, so it’s advisable to err on the side of caution. Having said that, given the way the globe and the entire industry are headed, you shouldn’t let this worry you to sleep.

Final Word

There is little doubt that tattoos are becoming more and more accepted in the workplace. You should be alright as long as you take the essential safety measures. In the worst-case scenario, you can always hide them!

If you were concerned that your tattoos might hurt your chances of getting a job at Forever 21 or any other fashion company for that matter, maybe this article has eased your concerns. Being certain and proactive is crucial.

Do you have any first-hand experience with tattoos and Forever 21? Tell us in the comments section!

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