Biolife Plasma Tattoo Policy in 2023 (Can You Donate?)

There are not many groups of people that deserve the “hero without capes” tag than those who donate blood. Blood can be used for transfusions, cancer patients, and for countless other reasons. Some people are just born with a higher inclination to do so as if it is part of their DNA.

That’s where Biolife Plasma comes in. They are a company that collects blood plasma from donors and then sells it to hospitals and research facilities around the world.

Donating blood plasma has become really popular over the last few years, and there are a number of reasons for it. First of all, it is a way to make some extra money. It is not a full-time job by any means, but you can make around $300 a month by donating plasma once or twice a week.

Second of all, it is a way to help people. The plasma that is collected is used for a variety of purposes, including helping cancer patients and people with blood disorders.

With that said, not everyone is eligible to make a donation. BioLife plasma has a number of restrictions and one of these relates to people with tattoos.

If you’re inked and considering donating plasma, continue reading. We will now look at the current tattoo policy of Biolife Plasma to make sure you’re good to go.

Biolife Plasma Tattoo Policy

By no means does Biolife Plasma discriminate against people with tattoos, but they do have a policy in place – for safety reasons.

As of 2023, in case you got a new tattoo, you’re obliged to take a minimum 4-month break from donating blood plasma. The same applies to new piercings.

Once the 4-month period is over and done with, you still need to be examined to make sure everything is on point with your blood. In such a case, one of the doctors at Biolife Plasma will take a blood sample to confirm you can start donating again. In some cases, the break might last for as long as 12 months.

Why do you have to wait 4 months after a tattoo to donate plasma?

The main reason is hepatitis C. When you get a tattoo, there is a very small risk of contracting the virus. The incubation period for hep C is around 2-12 weeks, which is why the minimum waiting period is 4 months.

Of course, this only applies to tattoos that were done in an unregulated setting. If you got your tattoo at a licensed parlor, the risk is almost non-existent.

To learn more about their services, visit their website or give them a call.

9 thoughts on “Biolife Plasma Tattoo Policy in 2023 (Can You Donate?)”

  1. You forgot to mention that if your tattoos are anywhere near your veins they will disqualify you no questions asked. I’ve had sleeve tattoos for 15 years and have never had issues donating blood or plasma (which I do regularly through impact life) until I went to Biolife. They say it’s due to not being able to see bruising, but I think it has more to do with looking for needle marks. It’s straight up discrimination, but they hide behind this “safety” concern.

    • Same as me I went in appointment made at BioLife in St.Louis I believe it’s off Watson this happen a day or 2 before Thanksgiving 2020. So when I walk through there doors I was as healthy as a horse I mean in great shape, couldnt of been in better shape. So just because I have sleeve tattoos they denied me . Haven’t had a tattoo since 2017.. I’m standing in line and this white coat comes over basically gets in my face and tells me abruptly they don’t except my kind there I said excuse me. He said it’s your tattoos now everybody in the whole place turns and looks at me with shocking looks and total confusion because not only did the guy in front of me have most of his arm done with ink but I saw people donating, literally in the middle of the process laying with tattoos.. I said your joking because I’ve been donating at CSL for months and they tell me I give great plasma , better than most. I said to him so what do you have against me , I said oh I know what it is , prison tattoos you think these are from prison , I said you know what buddy I’ve been to prison but I didn’t get one single poke or one dot of ink in prison not only that but I gave blood on a regular basis while incarcerated. I said when you go to prison you get tested for Everything and when your about to get released back out into the community guess what they test for everything I’m as healthy as a horse probably in better health than you I work out 3 times a week I eat good and I don’t put any drugs or toxins in my body and I haven’t had any tattoos or piercings in almost 4 years I turned around and started to walk out I said you know I feel like I was just singled out and I feel like I’ve me discriminated, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer by have a nice day

      • Hi Robert,

        It seems like there are more people super unhappy with the policies at BioLife. Sad to hear.

    • Literally just happened to me. I waited for over an hour to find out that I didn’t qualify because of my sleeves. It’s completed BS. They claimed they need a 1/4 of an inch around the vein. Totally discrimination if you ask me.

      • They did that to me too.. because I am heavily sleeved it is kind of dumb because hospitals don’t deny you and other donation places discrimination

    • Thanks for your post.
      I’ve had my for over 20 years
      I went into biolife for the first time 3 months ago.
      If they had a big enough sling shot,

  2. First time attempting to donate plasma today at CSL. I went through all of the paperwork, intro video, 60+ questionnaire no issues. It’s the middle of winter so I was wearing my jacket. The nice lady asked me to remove my jacket for the weigh in & realized I had both arms heavily tattooed and denied me on the spot. What a waste of time, but I probably saved myself from a nasty infection!

  3. That’s so sad too because there are so many people in need of plasma and many willing people to donate who keep getting turned down. My husband was one of them and his tattoo didn’t even cover his veins. His veins are huge and he is very healthy. It’s to bad.

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