Alabama Tattoo Laws in 2023 (Age, Laws & More)

When it comes to all the states in the US, Alabama is one that has a massive appeal to many.

Mostly known for its southern hospitality, there is so much more that the state has to offer its residents. From the white-sand beaches along the Gulf Coast to the stunning mountain views in the north, Alabama is a state that truly has it all.

There’s also plenty to pick from for tattoo enthusiasts. Alabama is home to some of the best tattoo shops in the country. With a wide variety of artists to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect shop for your next tattoo.

However, before you decide to get inked, it’s best to be familiar with all the tattoo laws in Alabama. Like any other states in the country, Alabama has its own regulations regarding the art of tattooing.

Do you fit the requirements to get legally inked? Let’s find out.

Alabama Tattoo Laws – Essential Information

Akin to other states, Alabama has tattoo regulations for both clients and artists.

Tattoo Laws & Regulations for Clients

Tattooing is naturally allowed in the state of Alabama but there are some restrictions that you should know about.

The most important is that anyone who wants to get a tattoo must be at least 18 years old. This is the state’s legal age limit for all body art procedures, including piercings.

If you’re not yet 18, not everything is lost. The tattoo procedure might still go ahead, as long as you have parental consent. You will need to provide a valid ID and have your parent or guardian sign the paperwork.

Tattoo Laws & Regulations for Artists

As for the tattoo artists, they must be licensed in order to operate legally. The shop must also be properly registered and follow all the required health and safety regulations.

The tattoo artist must also follow certain hygiene practices, such as using clean needles and disposable gloves.

What’s important to note, tattoo artists are permitted to refuse the ink session if it goes against their morals. For example, they might not want to tattoo a person under the age of 18 – regardless of the written consent. A refusal is also possible if the client-to-be is under the influence or wants a tattoo that’s offensive to the artist.

You can find more detailed information about the tattoo laws in Alabama in the official documentation (Code of Alabama) by clicking here.