Disney Tattoo Policy in 2023 (Disneyland Cast Members)

Disney is a brand associated with family entertainment and is loved by millions around the globe.

For many, visiting Disneyland is a dream come true.

For others, working at Disneyland is a dream come true. Imagine getting paid to work in a place where happiness comes first and foremost.

If you’re a person with tattoos and you’ve been thinking about becoming a Disney cast member, you should probably get familiar with the Disneyland tattoo policy (it was recently updated).

And that’s what we gonna do in this article.

So, can you have tattoos in Disney?

Disney tattoo policy highlights

Disney Tattoo Policy – All You Need to Know

Up until fairly recently, Disney’s cast member tattoo policy was ultra-strict and prohibited any and all visible tattoos.

This meant that if you had a tattoo, you either had to keep it completely covered while at work or else not apply for a job at Disney in the first place.

Luckily, things have changed and Disney is now much more lenient when it comes to tattoos.

Allowed Placement

After the 2021 policy update, effective from April 2021, all cast members are allowed to sport tattoos in visible places – with the exception of ink on the face, head or neck. Size-wise, a single tattoo must not be larger than the Cast Member’s hand when fully extended with the fingers held together.


What’s worth to note, there’s also hope for those with larger tattoos (particularly “sleeves”). Disney now allows cast members to use undergarments such as matching fabric tattoo sleeves, to cover the large arm tattoos.

Allowed Types

Having your art in the right place isn’t enough – it also needs to meet Disney’s requirements in terms of appropriateness.

This means that all tattoos must be:

  • Family-friendly
  • In good taste
  • Not violent, offensive or derogatory in nature

Tattoos that violate company policies (such as those prohibiting discrimination and harassment based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, or any other protected category) or that depict nudity, offensive or inappropriate language or images, are not permitted.